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Starred Cookers

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First Michelin-starred menu

This April, we will be holding the first Starred Cookers Encounter. On the 20th, 21st and 22nd, our Chef, Néstor Freiría, will host two internationally renowned Chefs in Kentia Gourmet Club kitchens. The Swiss Niklas Oberhofer with 1 Michelin star and the German Tristan Brandt, holder of two Michelin stars. Together, they have designed a very special tasting menu, in which the product is the protagonist in a dance of flavours and sensations.
This event offer the possibility of living a unique and exclusive gastronomic experience in a very special setting, Lanzarote.

Come and let yourself be surprised.

Restaurant 959 & Pino's Bar, Germany

Tristan Brandt

2 Michelin stars

He is managing director of the restaurant 959 & Pino's Bar in Germany, leader and culinary advisor of the gourmet restaurant Epoca by Tristan Brandt at the 5* luxury hotel Waldhaus Flims Welness Restor. He is also immersed in one of his most ambitious projects, The Tambourine Room, an elegant and exclusive restaurant located at the Carillon Miami Welness Resort in Miami Beach. His dishes are inspired by classic-modern French cuisine with Asian influences.

Restaurant Epoca, Switzerland

Niklas Oberhofer

1 Michelin star

Swiss chef Nicolas Oberhofer, head chef at the Epoca restaurant in Flims, under the patronage of Tristan Brandt. He has been recognised as Switzerland's youngest Michelin-starred chef and "Chef of the Year 2022". His cuisine respects the regional specialities and traditional recipes of his homeland, but with his personal and fresh touch.

Chef Host at Kentia Gourmet Club

Néstor Freirías

Erlantz Gorostiza School

Néstor Freiría, at the helm of the kitchens of the Boutique Hotel La Isla y el Mar and the Kentia Gourmet Club restaurant, is a chef of proven and extensive experience. Working side by side with great masters of Spanish cuisine, such as Martín Berasategui and Erlantz Gorostiza, has allowed him to take technique and creativity to a level of maximum excellence. Sensitivity, KM0, sustainable products and a marked African influence are his hallmarks.

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